The Perfect Vegas Getaway

Everyone wants that perfect vacation.  The problem is, even though they spend time looking, they can’t quite get the feel of their destination until they are already there.  By then, it’s often too late to plan out the perfect vacation.  That is what makes VegasOnDemand such a helpful experience.  We let you experience Vegas before you even leave the house.  By doing that, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong show tickets, staying in the wrong hotel, or missing out on the big events.

What makes VegasOnDemand different than those other sites out there?  With us, you get:

•    Videos
•    The speed of Web 2.0
•    Unique packages

The videos that VegasOnDemand offer allow you to bring the Vegas experience into your living room. Don’t wait until you get to Vegas before you see the sites.  Jump on the website and start viewing the videos.  See what everyone is talking about. You can see highlights of the big shows before you buy your tickets so you will be sure to love what you purchase.

With the videos, you can transform your home into a Vegas showroom. You can experience Vegas before you leave the house, which means you will know exactly what you want to do when you arrive.  That makes planning the trip much easier.  You can get more out of your money when you know what you want to do when you arrive.

Then, of course, is the fact that VegasOnDemand is integrated with Web 2.0.  You can find us on Twitter, take advantage of mobile phone updates, or turn to Facebook and MySpace to find out what is going on.  Technology has changed the way businesses can operate, but many haven’t caught on.  We’ve embraced technology so we can stay in touch with our customers.  We want them to be able to find us.  Forget about calling the 800 number.  Jump onto Twitter and ask us your questions or give us a suggestion.

Our fully integrated site allows you to stay up to date on what we have to offer when you are at home or on the go.  In today’s world, you need your information fast and often, and we can provide that.
We aren’t just about flash, though.  While we offer a full experience regarding entertainment on our site, our main objective is to get you to Vegas, and we want to do that in style. That is why we offer unique packages.  When you work with us, you can get a package that will be perfect for you.  No matter if you want to spend your time gambling, you’re getting married, or you want to see a side of Vegas without a slot machine, you can build your vacation through us.

Forget about those carbon vacations that other places offer. You have special needs, and we can meet those needs. You aren’t just like everyone else, and you need a vacation that allows you to be yourself.
You can have the Vegas entertainment experience at home and in Vegas.  Start off by enjoying the videos and interaction on our site, and then build your vacation package. Experience all you can at home, and then hop on a plane and have the vacation you have always dreamed of having.

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